Advancing the field of AI and Data Sciences for good of humanity


To be at the fore-front of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science research in all dimensions: theoretical research, application directed research, and locally relevant research for meeting regional needs
To play a leading role in the delivery of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science education in formal and informal sectors at all levels.
To become a globally coveted destination for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science technology development and entrepreneurship

In focus


Foundational Research

Breakthroughs in AI and Data Science are key to controlling and shaping the future technological landscape. Without continued progress in core AI and Data Science Technologies transformative potential of AI will not be realised. The school brings together faculty from diverse disciplines with shared interest in fundamental challenges in AI and Data Science to make significant contributions in next 5 years through publications in top ranking AI and Data Science conferences and journals

Application Directed Research

AI is today being integrated with and deployed into a variety of sectors. There are numerous examples where AI is making an impact on the world and augmenting human capabilities in significant ways. Faculty members from diverse disciplines associated with the school work on AI and Data Science applications in basic sciences, biological sciences, environmental sciences, social sciences and different fields of engineering. School aims to make significant contributions in application fields by developing approaches aligned to the problem specific challenges.

Locally Relevant Research

Rajasthan, as a state, has several large scale applications of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for uplifting the local communities. For example, how AIDE can help in agriculture in the arid region? How AIDE can help in exploiting solar energy? How AIDE can assist in research on ground water management? How AIDE. can help in providing clean drinking water? How AIDE can help in preserving and flourishing local art and culture? The AIDE School will undertake interdisciplinary research projects that will be locally connected and socially relevant.